Welcome to your New Home

KARLEK provides the ideas for your Home projects.   Building new or  Remodeling Updates, we have the experience, the craftsman to stay on budget and meet deadlines. 

Our Mission

Our number one mission is to take care of our customers 100%.

We have a long relationships with our craftsman that work for us we know that every project will be custom and done in a professional ,  time efficient manner.

Our Story

 Our grandfather,  “ Alfred “, came from Sweden in early 1800’s with his two brothers while settling in northern Michigan as potato farmers(Maple Lane Farms).  My Father, uncles and other family members joined the unions in the trades, (Millwrights, Iron Workers, Engineering) and over the generations that same hard work ethic carried on to today's business.  

We understand that nothing comes easy however with perseverance, attention to detail, and a love for the working,  you can  accomplishment amazing things. 

Chad, Lisa, Tabby And Danny 


Defiance, Missouri

“ Our lower-level was unfinished for 15 years before we decided to find someone to finish it.  We were referred by our family friends to call this company that did their kitchen couple years ago.  So we called KARLEK to come out to take a look.  We heard great things about the workmanship, that they worked under deadlines, they were clean and efficient.    Our hopes were set high for good work.  

    They completed our project in nine weeks from start to finish with custom entertainment system built into the wall.  The finish work was amazing.  "

Thank you for everything!   

Lisa H.  

Jerry, Lashanda and Markus Family 

Kirkwood,  Missouri

“We have been planning to put a new addition in conjunction with the master bedroom since we moved in 10 years ago.  After extensive research on who we should find to build this new addition.   We found the company KARLEK.   After our initial interview, they put together a comprehensive drawing and design layout together, also braking the job down into manageable phase payments for the progression of the work that was done.  My wife handles the money and thought that was nice since it wasn't a large sum amount at one time.  

 Everybody was nice, courteous and easy to work with from the company.  Getting inspectors to come out from Kirkwood was a little challenge they may have been understaffed however the project turned out better than what we could of imagined. Thank you guys for making our home , “a dream home. “ We planned on having them coming back to do all our hardwood floors in the spring of next year.” 

Thanks and God Bless, 

Jerry C. PHD 

Peace of Mind

1.   We provide Proposals with a comprehensive outline to the work to be performed before we start.  We want to make sure that we are 100% with everything before the project.

2.  We provide a Contractual Agreement that binds both the customer and our company, from start of the work / to finish of the work.

3.  Lien Waivers - showing all materials and labor has been paid.

4.  Completion form - receipt of finished work

5.  Warranties on Workmanship and Materials (Transferable to new home owner)


Our main goal is to provide you a project that you will be  100% happy. 

We have built our business from word-of-mouth for over two decades

We believe that your home is one of your main investments that you’re wanting to increase the value/raise your children/retire / etc...   

We want to be your remodeler for life, no matter how big or how small the job might be, we hope you call us first. 

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